We are very grateful for the support, encouragement and trust that so many of our friends and neighbors have given to Kip’s campaign for Upper Arlington City Council. Kip promises that he’ll work hard to keep Upper Arlington one of the most attractive and great communities in Ohio. We’d like to thank the following residents for their endorsement of his campaign:

Bill and Marina Adams
Roger and Dianne Albrecht
Carol and Bob Arkin
Jim and Jane Ayers
Dr. Carl and Wendy Backes
Dr. Carl Backes Jr.
Virginia and Marshall Barney
Joe and Marlene Berwanger
Betsy Bhasker
Philip and Debora Binkley
Dr. Ron Bloomfield and Dr. Mary McCafferty
Mike and Cathy Brady
Cindy and Don Braun
Isabelle Brooking
Nancy and Jack Burtch
Bill and Ellen Clark
John and Anne Clifford
Kim and Cindy Close
Greg and Robin Comfort
Dennis and Peggy Concilla
Don and Sharon Cook
Peter and Laurie Danis
Pat and Nate Dappan
Tom and Mary Beth Davis
Mark T. Davis
Jim and Shelly DeRoberts
Dave Dewey
Jim and Normanella DeWille
Sean Doyle
David and Nancy Drees
Stephen and Sandra Federer
Bill and Sue Fitz
Chris and Amanda Fountain
Noelle and Matt Fox
Dr. Hamish and Marian Frazier
Bradley Frick
Jeff and Carol Gibbs
Herb and Jill Gillen
John and Megan Gilligan
Cheryl and Doug Godard
Cassandra Guzik
Diane Haddad
Matt and Claire Hamilton
Georgia Hauser
Dick and Nancy Henry
Dale and Gloria Heydlauff
Jack Hoeller
Bill and Patty Hosket
Tom and Cindy Hudson
Robbie and Tom Hurley
Eric Kauffman
Diane Reichwein and Ron Koltak
William and Vicki Kraft
Mary Ann Krauss
Eric and Susan Leininger
Rick and Kim Lenhard
Steven and Barbara Lichtblau
Megi Malushi
Dr. Clay and Gail Marsh
Sean and Julie Martin
James and Shirley Mason
Stewart Hobbs and Jamie Massa
Steve and Linda Mauger
Tim and Barbara McCombs
Nicholas Mehrle
Jan and Joe Mollmann
Carol Ellias Moorehead
Link and Debbie Murphy
Carl and Linda Nelson
Bob and Lynn Ness
David and Carolyn Patterson
Charles and Yvonne Perotti
Gwyneth Pinta
Will and Erin Plasket
Anne Ralph
Sue Ralph
Priya and Rajiv Ramnath
Jim and Linda Readey
Mrs. George Renkert
Dr. Anita Somani and David Richardson
T. J. and Candy Riley
Steve and Terry Sansbury
Michael and Kristen Schaefer
David and Jeanne Schoedinger
Ed and Marcie Seidel
JoAnn Sinclair
Carl and Connie Smallwood
Anna Smoot
Joan Sorrell
John and Jodi Stechschulte
Wade and Marty Steen
Jeffrey Stevenson
Tom and Pam Stewart
Richard and Mollie Stone
Bob and Kathy Stutz
Kelley Swiney
Tim and Libby Tarrier
Ray and Candy Tesner
Denny Thompson
Wade and Page Thorson
Mark and Julie Vannatta
David and Becky Varda
Jim and Marilyn Voyles
Edward and Cathy Wheaton
Roger and Paula White
Chris and Suzie Widing
Clark Wideman
Alan and Jackie Yarletts
John and Jamy Zambito