On the Issues



As proud residents of Upper Arlington, it is easy for all of us to become complacent with our city and its current standing and reputation. Every city in Ohio would love to claim, as UA can, that over the past three years we have set the gold standard for local government including:

  1. Record setting privately funded economic development that increases city revenues without increasing taxes.
  2. Funding for the repair, replacement and maintenance of our infrastructure system at the highest levels in the city’s 100 year history.
  3. Being one of only eight government entities in the state to hold the highest bond ratings attainable.
  4. Being ranked as the top suburb in central Ohio by Niche.com, and one of the 100 safest communities in America by Neighborhood Scout.com.  These rankings help to protect the investments we have made in our homes and properties.

However, as the legendary OSU football coach, Woody Hayes once commented, “you are either moving forward, or you are falling behind.”  And as a city, Kip Greenhill wants to make sure we are moving ahead, and that is why we need him on Council.  If re-elected, Kip is committed to keeping UA one of the premier communities in the Midwest through the following initiatives:


Kip has long been a supporter of transparency in government.  That’s why he has proposed live streaming and video recording of all Council meetings.

In spite of the opposition of some Council members, Kip believes the broadcasting of meetings will increase participation and interest in our city government as well as show residents the deliberations and comments of Council members and the city administration.

Kip’s advocacy for the broadcasts, along with his previous vote to make recently contested Council discussions with the City Attorney public, and his support of online public access to the city’s expenditures and revenues are all examples of Kip’s efforts to force our city government to be more transparent and available to our residents.


The safety of our residents must always be the top priority of our government. Kip supports dependable funding for our police and fire departments along with adequate funding for training to keep them current on the most up to date practices and procedures.


Many people talk about fiscal responsibility, but Kip has delivered. He was instrumental in the consolidation of our 911 calling system with neighboring suburbs. This gives our police and fire dispatching personnel access to the most current and reliable equipment, while saving the city money by purchasing the equipment as a group of communities, instead of just one city on their own. He is also proud of the fact that our city mechanics are performing vehicle maintenance for other communities, which brings in money to our city coffers.  These are the types of practices that help our city hold the highest bond ratings given to government entities.


Kip has not supported all economic development projects when he has felt they violated community values. However, he supports sensible development as a way to provide the necessary revenues to keep our city safe, and to maintain our infrastructure without raising taxes.


Research is now identifying communities that have significantly higher life expectancies of their residents. Kip wants to see UA as one of those communities. We have been able to attract the leading health care providers to our community.  He now wants to see us provide the infrastructure to encourage residents of every age group to get off the couch and become more active in parks that provide numerous opportunities to all groups, to be active to have fun, and to further enrich the UA spirit of community.


During his 17 years as UAHSprincipal, Kip repeatedly demonstrated his skills to collaborate with teachers, parents, and students. His outreach and involvement with these groups resulted in NEWSWEEK and U.S. NEWS naming our high school as one of the top schools in the country, and COLUMBUS MONTHLY naming it the top high school in central Ohio. His skills are more important now than ever in order to bring our community together after a divisive recall, and to do the necessary planning as central Ohio is expected to have a population increase of one million residents over the next 30 years.